Cash Bash Rollercoaster :30

In 2023, the Maryland Lottery is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary. Cash Bash Rollercoaster is a :30 TV spot that showcases the Cash Bash Promotion.

Home Run Riches – Home Runs :30

Winning a Home Run Riches Fast Play Game is like watching a Home Run soar over your head. There are different types of Home Run’s and there is more than one way to win a Fast Play game. The Home Run :30 spot captures the magic of both.

Marching Tickets

Marching Tickets is a commercial produced in late 2022 for the Maryland Lottery’s annual Holiday Scratch-Offs launch. A woman returns home with the family of Holiday Scratch-Offs. All of a sudden, the Scratch-Offs spring to life to spread holiday cheer throughout her home. The tickets fly around the house stashing themselves in envelopes and stockings. … Continue reading “Marching Tickets”

Home Run Riches – Contestant of the Game

This hilarious series of :30 spots promotes the Maryland Lottery’s Fast Play “Home Run Riches” tickets.  Each spot queries a different person, asking “What if you were chosen the Home Run Riches contestant of the game?” Winner of a 2023 Silver Addy award in the Best TV Campaign category.

Love Football. Love Raven Scratch-Offs! 2021

Do you love football? How about more than Rock’n’Roll, a swimming hole or gum balls? These commercials were produced as follow-on spots to the 2020 campaign for the Maryland Lottery. Song/Lyrics are based on the Mojo Nixon track “I Love You More Than Football”.

Project “X”

Project ‘X’ is a 2D animated commercial produced for The Maryland Lottery for the launch of the new 2021 Mutliplier Scratch-Offs.  Somewhere in Maryland, Dr. X and Cashbot are working hard in their lab. It’s like nothing they have created before!

Heed the Caw

Heed the Caw is a commercial produced for the Maryland Lottery; shot on location in Baltimore, and shows a Lottery player suddenly experiencing a dramatic transformation to his surroundings as he begins to interact with the ticket.

Home Run Riches – “Signs of the Game”

“Signs of the Game” is a commercial campaign produced to promote the Home Run Riches from the Maryland Lottery and includes a series of seven spots. The coach was filmed on a green screen combined with CGI baseball stadium, on-screen text and ticket animation.

REJ Demo Reel

REJ’s demo reel is a compilation montage that demonstrates our ability to record, produce and edit high quality products from pre-production, production to post-production for government and commercial clients.