Social Media Operations

The Internet empowers people by giving them access to information and a platform for their voices to be heard. Our customers’ social media channels can be used effectively to monitor what people are saying, respond and engage accordingly, help build links for search engine optimization (SEO), raise brand awareness and ultimately drive traffic to their site. To this end, our team populates, interacts and engages content viewers on an array of social media avenues, and is the primary facilitator for customer conversation and engagement through various social media channels.

REJ’s Social Media Managers have the responsibility for overall management and coordination of day-to-day operations of our social media clients. Our team works across channels in developing and implementing all social media strategy; produces articles to be published on websites or in publications; liaisons with government representatives, regulates the appropriate level of news coverage to communicate news and information about our clients; proofs articles, manages graphic and video production for Social Media; and assures quality control.

Our Social Media team builds an engaging brand presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. We produce unique content to engage our Social Media communities. develop time and action calendars for social media and mobile campaigns/programs, work to ensure consistent delivery of brand message across all digital platforms. REJ keeps up to date on the most recent information regarding Social Media sites and how best to maximize customer engagement and growth. We understand the online/mobile communities and provide our customers with information and insight into the current platforms as well as any up and coming that would enhance your brand and customer experience. Our social media team develops and executes tactics that promote growth on social media sites – capture new audiences, invite friends, create groups, create forums, distribute new video and photography footage of brand marketing activities for placement on blogs, social networking sites, search engines, etc. We maximize social network interaction on a daily basis to keep communities engaged while maintaining the voice of the brand.

Our team:

  • Develops social media strategies for all social media accounts that include, but is not limited to, Facebook posts, Tweets, blog posts, photos, shortened links and video content for YouTube;
  • Develops analytics reports that focus on social media and includes layout and design, editing, analysis of information, thorough research into statistics and subsequent communication efficacy and reach via social media;
  • Attends events to provide still photography, blog posts, news stories and social media content (Facebook posts, Tweets and photos);
  • Writes, edits and publishes blog posts (photos, videos, written content or graphics).
  • Conducts interviews with subject matter experts for original content production.
  • Crafts daily social media content timed for maximum audience engagement with shortened links to content, photos and text;
  • Establishes and facilitates constant, consistent, brand-right and compelling conversations between customers, agencies and partners;
  • Develops and executes social media advertising campaigns that drive fan bases and increases engagement to bring brands to life, spark conversations, drive immediate reappraisal and further strengthen a brand’s positioning;
  • Maintains consistent systems of measurement and evaluation of social and mobile program successes and prepare reports to update internal staff on usage statistics across all channels; and,
  • Maintains a keen eye on social media and mobile trends that affect customers.