REJ Awarded Webcasting Contract for the US Dept. of HUD & FHA for 4th Straight Year

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Today, REJ was awarded a webinar/webcasting contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Federal Housing Administration for its 4th consecutive year. REJ provides FHA with state of the art webinar technology that provides consistent, secure access to speakers and participants. In an effort to expand outreach to industry partners and educate them on FHA programs and services, these webcasts serve as important training tools for FHA employees and subcontractors. The use of REJ’s webinar technology also allows FHA to maximize participants while minimizing travel costs.

Under the terms of the contract, REJ provides secure webcasts to FHA with a capacity of up to three hours per webinar; a capacity level of up to 5,000 attendees; and the ability to archive live webinars for a minimum of twelve months from the date of the live webinar. REJ also provides: automated surveys to participants and report on the results; help desk support for webinar participants for a minimum of one hour on each event; on-line registration links and on-line reports related to live and archive usage, registrations, attendees, surveys, etc.; confirmation emails to registrants upon completion of the registration form; standard reports related to live and archive usage, registrations, attendees, surveys, etc.

REJ webcasts enable participants to submit questions and speakers/presenters to sort queue questions for text or verbal responses and allow participants to obtain an integrated audio feed (No separate telephone conference call to be required). All REJ webcasts are 508 compliant–webinar participants may activate the captioning feature that enables viewing of transcriptions for the live events and a separate editable transcription file is provided for archive participants. REJ also provides the a fully functioning data DVD of each webinar that functions, looks and plays exactly as it does in the archive version. In addition, REJ provides training sessions to FHA on the use of webinar technology and hosts a demonstration site for the purpose of training new users of the technology.