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At REJ, we understand the nature of branding and story telling in ways that educate, inform, entertain and market our customers’ products and services. Our team believes the key to production success is collaboration, planning properly and ensuring that the body of work meets or exceeds client specifications as well as our own exacting standards.

“REJ creates engaging visuals, content and strategies that connect you with your audience.”

Since 1991, REJ has produced, written, directed and edited hundreds of video, film, web, and radio projects and has never missed a deadline. As a full service production company, REJ is responsible for all aspects of pre-production, production, and post production. This includes creative development; production scheduling, planning, and coordination; contracting of personnel; location scouting; casting/talent auditions; writing; set and art design; music composition, acquisition, or recording; budget management; all logistical details [wardrobe, permits, insurance, etc.]; sound design; graphics; voice over recording; editing; dubbing and trafficking; and media placement, planning, and buying.

The REJ Process


  • Client meeting to review objectives
  • Creative development/research
  • Client review/approve creative
  • Develop calendar and budget with technical and creative needs
  • Client approval
  • Assign resources
  • Scout Locations
  • Cast talent
  • Client review/approvals
  • Secure locations, talent, permits, etc.
  • Draft or secure releases
  • Develop detailed production plan
  • Production meeting for client review/approvals


  • Shoot video or record radio on location or in studio


  • Review, log and transcribe all footage
  • Write and or revise script
  • Determine graphic and audio needs
  • Client review/approvals
  • Create graphics, SFX and edit rough cut
  • Client review
  • Revisions to rough cut
  • Client review
  • Final voice over record and mix
  • Final client approval
  • Master, captioning and duplicate/distribute
  • Production report (contracts, releases, etc.) to client