FY 2019 Budget Proposal – Special Report

The president’s fiscal year 2019 defense budget request calls for $686.1 billion in spending as part of a strategy that stresses restoring and rebuilding America’s military.

Scratchmas Tree – “This Magic Moment”

For our customers, branding is a key to ongoing success. In this television commercial, regular people receive a random act of kindness from strangers. For 30 seconds, we see their interactions, served up with a mixture of holiday emotions, sense of community, and the possibility of winning with Holiday Scratch-offs from the Maryland Lottery.

Blended Military Retirement System Begins Jan. 1

A new, blended military retirement system for the Dept. of Defense went into effect on January 1, 2018. This video was created to help military personnel understand whether they are one of the more than 1.6 million service members with a choice of retirement systems.

Ravens Scratch-Off Scratch-Out A Victory

“Ravens Scratch-Offs” from the Maryland Lottery are on the way to fans in the stands. This 3D video to kick-off giveaways at each Ravens football home game was created in 4K for use on in stadium video screens at M&T Bank Stadium.


This commercial spot, in collaboration with promotional partner the Baltimore Ravens, shows the fun, excitement and pure blissful emotion that happens when players become winners!

Maryland’s Scenic Byways: Chesapeake Country

Life in “Chesapeake Country” flows gently with the tide of North America’s largest estuary and its tributaries. Explore the special beauty of the Maryland tidewater region, including pristine waterways and vibrant historic waterfront villages.


If you ever wanted to “Celebrate Like This,” then play “Price is Right Scratch-Offs” from the Maryland Lottery. This 15 second spot, shot on a green screen, combines live action with Price is Right game footage.  Using 3D and VFX, we created a seamless environment with the stage and talent to market these tickets.